World Dance Party 2003

The Fools’ best selling LP ever with its latest look!
We think it’s a gold record but then we never were
good at math. Features: Life SucksThen You Die,
World Dance Party, She Makes Me Feel Big,
It’s A Night (For Beautiful Girls), & Doo Wah Diddy.Recorded live at the Channel in Boston, this
release offers such gems as Bite It!, The Blooze,
The Sound Of Silence, Mack The Knife, World
Dance Party, & That’s It, Go Home. Plus, having
Playmate of the Year, Terri Welles, on the cover
doesn’t hurt a damn thing at all, nope Christmas Toons
The Fools catch all the warmth and cheer of the
holiday season with poignant treasures like
I Shot Santa In My Underwear, Norburt the
Nearsighted Reindeer, Christmas Stress, Santa
Bird-Dogged My Baby, Christmas Loser and
many more. Tree trimming toons galore!
Show ’em You’re Nuts Show ’em You’re Nuts
This little sleeper is packed with tasty treats.
From current show faves Hen House and
Rookie at the Plate to the “ear candy” arrangement
of Love Pajamas to the pie-in-the-face delivery of
She’s My Grandma, She’s My Mother, She’s My Wife
you’ll find all the reasons this title has grown into a
staple in so many fans’ collections.Remember this pesky little bug? Well, The Fools
had a solution. Be the first on your block to own
one of the last worthy musical offerings of the
20th century. Amaze your friends! Features
assorted mixes of this infectious collectable.